A Good Read

(Originally written 29th November, 2013) I’ve made various references recently to this book, and meant to write something more directly about it. The main problem is that there is so much interesting stuff in it, that it’s hard to know where to start, let alone end. I might add, also, that I have some fairly… Continue reading A Good Read

Post theist Christians

I’ve self identified as a post theist Christian for years, but back to back reading of a couple of contrasting books by authors who are also prompts this blog. The books are ‘Humankind’ by Rutger Bregman, and ‘Dominion’ by Tom Holland. Both authors are atheists, but both able to acknowledge the Christian origins of their… Continue reading Post theist Christians

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A d’Hondt() Excel function

I saw a spreadsheet with some VBA macros recently to calculate numbers of seats awarded in elections conducted using the d’Hondt system, so I thought I’d have a go at a single Excel function to do the same. WordPress doesn’t allow the Excel workbooks with VBA to be uploaded, so the file which can be… Continue reading A d’Hondt() Excel function

Signage for volunteer initiatives

Summary This is an argument for a scalable initiative to support volunteers who want to make their neighbourhoods look better. In summary, there should be some high quality, consistent but adaptable branding, to identify volunteer initiatives, and support communications with and about them. The initiative would be owned by a professional managed organisation, ideally operating… Continue reading Signage for volunteer initiatives

“Wutbürger” – The German for NIMBY

Originally posted in the Sydenham Town Forum, 30 June, 2013 Last week’s uncharacteristic radio silence was thanks to cycling round Normandy. With my rusting French revived, I came across an interesting article in Le Monde on the way back, dealing with a report into the sorts of people who in 2010 gave German this new ‘word of the year’,… Continue reading “Wutbürger” – The German for NIMBY

We need more evidence on tenure and occupancy

It is sometimes argued that policy changes which affect landlords can have no effect on the balance of supply and demand for tenants because the properties which may move between being rented and owner occupation will still exist, and will be occupied all the same.  See for example these recent tweets

Flooding, engineering, planning and politics

Reposted from my local Forum, 16 Jan, 2014, with a more helpful title, and some editing.  It rambles a bit, but putting here now because it touches on various questions which arose yesterday (July 25, 2018) when I attended a consultation event on ‘De-risking’ growth in the Cambridge Milton Keynes Oxford arc.  I’m thinking about… Continue reading Flooding, engineering, planning and politics