We need more evidence on tenure and occupancy

It is sometimes argued that policy changes which affect landlords can have no effect on the balance of supply and demand for tenants because the properties which may move between being rented and owner occupation will still exist, and will be occupied all the same.  See for example these recent tweets

Flooding, engineering, planning and politics

Reposted from my local Forum, 16 Jan, 2014, with a more helpful title, and some editing.  It rambles a bit, but putting here now because it touches on various questions which arose yesterday (July 25, 2018) when I attended a consultation event on ‘De-risking’ growth in the Cambridge Milton Keynes Oxford arc.  I’m thinking about… Continue reading Flooding, engineering, planning and politics

How do we feel about renting?

I am the child on the left here, feeling at home in the rented sector, and where my Dad to this day feels at home. In a few days we’ll be celebrating Christmas there again, now with grown up grandchildren.

Nimbyism explained – 2

A while back – August 2013 – I posted this on my local Forum: I had a eureka moment about this a few days ago – the rise of the NIMBY is a consequence of greater fragmentation of freeholding. It’s obvious really – if more occupiers have the legal rights of freeholders, they will use… Continue reading Nimbyism explained – 2

Restricting housing supply

Channel 4’s Dispatches last night (7th November, 2016) Britain’s Homebuilding Scandal lays the blame for restricting housing supply firmly on developers – and much of the content is also here in the Telegraph, in a piece written by the Channel 4 presenter, Liam Halligan It’s time to get building: Sajid Javid pledges to break the… Continue reading Restricting housing supply

Adam Smith on neo-liberals

I’m currently reading Simon Schama’s “Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution”. It would be superfluous to add to general praise it has won since publication nearly 30 years ago, but for what it’s worth, here’s the NYT review of it. This blog is merely triggered by his account of Turgot’s 1776 economic policy disaster.  Constraints… Continue reading Adam Smith on neo-liberals

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