A Good Read

(Originally written 29th November, 2013) I’ve made various references recently to this book, and meant to write something more directly about it. The main problem is that there is so much interesting stuff in it, that it’s hard to know where to start, let alone end. I might add, also, that I have some fairly… Continue reading A Good Read

“Wutbürger” – The German for NIMBY

Originally posted in the Sydenham Town Forum, 30 June, 2013 Last week’s uncharacteristic radio silence was thanks to cycling round Normandy. With my rusting French revived, I came across an interesting article in Le Monde on the way back, dealing with a report into the sorts of people who in 2010 gave German this new ‘word of the year’,… Continue reading “Wutbürger” – The German for NIMBY

Flooding, engineering, planning and politics

Reposted from my local Forum, 16 Jan, 2014, with a more helpful title, and some editing.  It rambles a bit, but putting here now because it touches on various questions which arose yesterday (July 25, 2018) when I attended a consultation event on ‘De-risking’ growth in the Cambridge Milton Keynes Oxford arc.  I’m thinking about… Continue reading Flooding, engineering, planning and politics

Municipalism good, localism bad

Originally published on Sydenham Town Forum, 28 January, 2015 I thought I’d get the message in the subject line, to help anyone who has problems scrolling down on whatever device they are reading this on.

Not replacing Capitalism

This is a comment I made on Paul Mason’s Post Capitalism, with two links to other threads on my local Forum which as of now I do not have time to rescue.  Putting this on my list of things to do …

Grown up anthropology

I’m rescuing this post which I wrote 9th January 2015 from the now restricted access part of my local Forum for the sake of recording my appreciation of anthropology as a subject, having also, more recently, been reading Karen Ho’s ‘Liquidated’, reviewed here by Gillian Tett.  I hope to blog about that sometime. In the… Continue reading Grown up anthropology

Anthropological thinking

I’m rescuing this post from the now restricted access part of my local Forum because it was linked to in this other post about anthropology

Whitehall, City Hall, Localism and The Renaissance of Bogotà

In December 2011 I went to a talk by Professor Alan Gilbert of the UCL Geography Department, about the struggle for good governance in Colombia’s capital city, and posted about it on my local Forum, where the subsequent discussion can still be read.  It had a big impact on my thinking about localism, and I’ve referred back… Continue reading Whitehall, City Hall, Localism and The Renaissance of Bogotà