Signage for volunteer initiatives

Summary This is an argument for a scalable initiative to support volunteers who want to make their neighbourhoods look better. In summary, there should be some high quality, consistent but adaptable branding, to identify volunteer initiatives, and support communications with and about them. The initiative would be owned by a professional managed organisation, ideally operating… Continue reading Signage for volunteer initiatives

Municipalism good, localism bad

Originally published on Sydenham Town Forum, 28 January, 2015 I thought I’d get the message in the subject line, to help anyone who has problems scrolling down on whatever device they are reading this on.

Whitehall, City Hall, Localism and The Renaissance of Bogotà

In December 2011 I went to a talk by Professor Alan Gilbert of the UCL Geography Department, about the struggle for good governance in Colombia’s capital city, and posted about it on my local Forum, where the subsequent discussion can still be read.  It had a big impact on my thinking about localism, and I’ve referred back… Continue reading Whitehall, City Hall, Localism and The Renaissance of Bogotà