Signage for volunteer initiatives


This is an argument for a scalable initiative to support volunteers who want to make their neighbourhoods look better. In summary, there should be some high quality, consistent but adaptable branding, to identify volunteer initiatives, and support communications with and about them. The initiative would be owned by a professional managed organisation, ideally operating at a national level.  More details below in Recommendations Continue reading Signage for volunteer initiatives

Astana waste ground flora

Maybe just because I’d never been in Central Asia before, I was amazed at the bio-diversity of some waste ground between our flat and the major road nearby in Astana.  I’ve had a go at identifying the genera at least, but I’m not up to this for most of the grasses.

Was this recently turned ground, revealing the flora of the original steppe?  Where had it come from?

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Charyn canyon geology

To help make sense of the geology, the best source I can find on line is this

Geology of Charyn Canyon / Dolina Zamkov area, Kazakhstan

and also this series of diagrams illustrating the geological history by the same author, Dr. Stefan Lang

Geologic history of Charyn Canyon

which include links to some more photos.  From a research home page for Dr. Lang, it seems he was studying the geology here between 1996 & 2001

Here are my photos as a NextGen gallery of reduced images for easier loading.  Originals available.

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Charyn canyon flora

I’ve never been in a place like the Charyn Canyon before, and all the flora was new to me.  I think I know the genus for some, but that’s about all.  I avoided the plants near the campsite, since these were obvious introduced, but I suspect some others are as well – one looks like a Californian Poppy – Eschscholtzia – but on googling it seems this is only native to California & Mexico.

Here they are as a NextGen gallery.  I’ve reducing the size so they won’t be too slow loading, but if anyone wants to help me identify them, I can send the originals.

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