A d’Hondt() Excel function

I saw a spreadsheet with some VBA macros recently to calculate numbers of seats awarded in elections conducted using the d’Hondt system, so I thought I’d have a go at a single Excel function to do the same. WordPress doesn’t allow the Excel workbooks with VBA to be uploaded, so the file which can be… Continue reading A d’Hondt() Excel function

How to fix the rental market for real

we need an understanding that better ways are needed for setting rents on longer term tenancies, that these will need the buy in of landlords and their agents, and that they will involve an accurate reflection of local market rents.  The history of their development in Germany suggests they were pioneered at a municipal level… Continue reading How to fix the rental market for real

Does @TalkTalkCare?

This is a final attempt to get TalkTalk to contact me, and provide my father with the broadband connection he is paying them for. I struggle to find the words to describe how frustrating it is to talk to TalkTalk, but their customers seem to be locked into a Catch-22 – until the connection is… Continue reading Does @TalkTalkCare?

Solidarity & highway dress code

As I was cycling up Lordship Lane today, a cabbie cheerfully called out of his window to me “Watcha mate, how yer doing?” Would it have been the same if I’d been wearing lycra, rather than dressed for bagging and shifting thirty odd rubble sacks of rotted horse manure?