How to fix the rental market for real

we need an understanding that better ways are needed for setting rents on longer term tenancies, that these will need the buy in of landlords and their agents, and that they will involve an accurate reflection of local market rents.  The history of their development in Germany suggests they were pioneered at a municipal level… Continue reading How to fix the rental market for real

Why I did not vote Labour in 2017

No significance in the timing here, but just putting here a comment on a Facebook post of Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham, 26th May, 2017, As of 29th December 2017, the Labour was still campaigning against charges which unfairly target the more affluent Jeremy Corbyn joins thousands in backing the Mirror’s campaign to end… Continue reading Why I did not vote Labour in 2017

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How do we feel about renting?

I am the child on the left here, feeling at home in the rented sector, and where my Dad to this day feels at home. In a few days we’ll be celebrating Christmas there again, now with grown up grandchildren.

Municipalism good, localism bad

Originally published on Sydenham Town Forum, 28 January, 2015 I thought I’d get the message in the subject line, to help anyone who has problems scrolling down on whatever device they are reading this on.

Nimbyism explained – 2

A while back – August 2013 – I posted this on my local Forum: I had a eureka moment about this a few days ago – the rise of the NIMBY is a consequence of greater fragmentation of freeholding. It’s obvious really – if more occupiers have the legal rights of freeholders, they will use… Continue reading Nimbyism explained – 2