A Random Choropleth

A few days ago an Intergenerational Foundation colleague showed me an Excel workbook published by the London Datastore with which it was possible to produce maps like this and wondered if I could extend this to maps beyond the M25. The answer to such questions is almost always “yes” – what varies is how long it… Continue reading A Random Choropleth

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Solidarity & highway dress code

As I was cycling up Lordship Lane today, a cabbie cheerfully called out of his window to me “Watcha mate, how yer doing?” Would it have been the same if I’d been wearing lycra, rather than dressed for bagging and shifting thirty odd rubble sacks of rotted horse manure?

Fungi & climate change

(This post may seem a bit rambling, but the overall theme is the joy of learning.)

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Tax Media Centre?

This is a response to Jolyon Maugham’s blog yesterday SO JUST HOW GOOD IS THAT NORTHERN ROCK TRANSACTION? in which he questions George Osborne’s claim that the sale of these assets has made a profit for the UK taxpayer, given the likely use of Irish SPVs by the buyer.

Believing what you want

This is a comment on the current furore about the issue of “safe space”, as covered here by The Atlantic The New Intolerance of Student Activism

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Kognitiv dissonans

This week’s Economist has an article on Property in Sweden Home is where the heartache is

What to read about financial bubbles and crashes?

So asks @TimHarford today, linking to a reading list proposed by Noah Smith “Panics and Bubbles” reading list itself a comment on another proposed reading list by Tony Yates, If I was devising a panics and bubbles course… which, while commended, is criticised for being too focused on ‘macro and money-based models, usually with rational expectations’.

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