Why I did not vote Labour in 2017

No significance in the timing here, but just putting here a comment on a Facebook post of Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham, 26th May, 2017, 


As of 29th December 2017, the Labour was still campaigning against charges which unfairly target the more affluent

Jeremy Corbyn joins thousands in backing the Mirror’s campaign to end hospital car parking charges

We can agree that the “strong and stable” is a myth, but the flip which showed it happened because Labour offered to insure the inheritances of those whose parents have benefited from the financialisaton of property. Who are these people who would rather their elderly parents suffer the indignities of impersonal, over-stretched adult social care, eating into the ability of local government to provide other vital services – libraries, parks, etc.? 
What are their options? Give up their own time and comfortable lives, and learn what it’s like to clear up after someone’s incontinence, spend time patiently helping an old man get out and meet old friends? Or sit back, protest about a dementia tax, and wait for a few £100,000s to come their way in due course?

The Conservatives did a similar flop when the Labour Party picked up on making probate fees pro rata, calling it, fairly enough, a tax on death.


But don’t we all know that inheritance taxes are by far the most progressive of all taxes?

Extending Right to buy out to 2027 – http://www.mortgageintroducer.com/labour-guarantees-help… – is another pro housing as speculation policy.

I have no doubt that Ellie Reeves is the best candidate on our ballot papers June 8th, and I will as promised be delivering leaflets later today, but with no enthusiasm.. And on the day, I’m afraid I will be looking after my Dad, and I haven’t registered for a postal vote.

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